Heaps of stories exist about the peaceful, solitary souls on the icy mountain tops of a planet wrapped in a blanket of soft snow. The Thandrac, however, have a bloodied up fur that indicates harmonious isn’t the best portrayal of this species. Nor is calm, nonviolent or amicable.

Living in a frozen wasteland, the Thandrac survived because of their flawless white fur, which allowed them to blend in perfectly. They remained a hidden part of the subtle secrecies alongside raging blizzards and glacial fissures from their tundra habitat.

Growing disinterested with their isolated lives, they started acquiring a collection of appealing treasures, mostly existing of a few good-looking rocks and twigs, though they soon realized bones were far more precious. Bloody fights between the Thandrac erupted, causing their delicate fur to diminish, exposing their skin. Instead of continuing to collect bones and conceal them in their snowy caves, the Thandrac built an exoskeleton to protect themselves by braiding the bones of their fallen adversaries into their fur. Draining the blood of their victims, they created a grisly glue to keep their advanced external skeleton in place, constructing an impenetrable armor.

Capable of waiting for the right moment to strike and anticipating their rivals counter maneuvers, the Thandrac relish in the death-or-glory clashes awaiting them in the abominable arena!

Volume captured: 1008

Race bonus: Dex

Race titles: Icewalker(Partial), Snowstalker(full)

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