Egregore Z


This swampy planet boasts a unique ecosystem where the flora has evolved into an intelligent, hive-minded mangrove network that seems to perceive and adapt to every occurrence on the planet. While trees hold little value in combat, there is a tribal civilization that has harnessed the extraordinary powers of these plants for their own use. Revering the mangrove as a deity, they adorn their newborns with intricate tattoos reflecting their tribe's customs. The ink, derived from the mangrove's roots, bestows the individuals with heightened perception, speed, or strength, depending on the tattoo's pattern.

These diverse and formidable warriors have unraveled the enigmatic secrets of the magical mangrove, making them a highly sought-after addition to the ranks of any discerning mercenary master!


Volume captured: 572

Race bonus: Focus

Race titles: Zealot(Partial), Shaman(full)

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