Deep within the planet of Infernus Delve, a relentless darkness beckons. Once surface-dwelling beings, the Corefiends were transformed by an enigmatic and potent chemical substance that seeped from the planet's fiery core. Driven by a ravenous hunger for power, they delved deeper into the abyss, carving out labyrinthine cities and elaborate halls beneath the surface. As the Corefiends consumed the substance, it warped their very essence, morphing them into demonic beings hellbent on consuming the very life force that now coursed through their veins. Their insatiable thirst for the substance has led to a merciless and brutal race, forged in the darkest corners of the cosmos.

Unleash the demonic power of the Corefiends at your enemies and dominate the competition with their unparalleled hunger for victory!

Volume captured: 672

Race bonus: Cruelty

Race titles: Emberfiend(Partial), Conflagrant(full)

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