A Galaxiator's DNA is an amalgamation of several attributes. These attributes are randomly assigned during the creation process, ensuring that each DNA composition is unique and never repeated, making every Galaxiator one of a kind.


Aesthetic attributes contribute to the visual appeal of Galaxiators without affecting gameplay mechanics. These include gender, body type, traits, clothing, and hair.


Each Galaxiator race showcases distinct appearances, color schemes, and bonuses that influence their performance in matches. Some races are better suited for specific positions than others. Male and female Galaxiators of the same race can breed during future breeding seasons, producing offspring of their species.


Galaxiators' equipment consists of helmets, face accessories, weapons, and shields. While weapons and shields are standard for all Galaxiators, helmets and face accessories only appear on some. Gears can provide stat bonuses or impose limitations, potentially leading to stat deductions. Combining gear from the same set on multiple Galaxiators can trigger team-wide gear combos.


Titles are exclusive attributes activated by equipping two or more pieces of gear from the same set on a single Galaxiator. There are three types of titles:

  1. Partial titles: Granted when two or more pieces of a set (but not the full set) are equipped, providing a special bonus.

  2. Full titles: Awarded when a complete set is equipped, offering a significant bonus.

  3. Hybrid titles: A rare occurrence triggered when two different partial titles are equipped, granting two types of bonuses.


Professions determine a Galaxiator's fighting style and development blueprint. Each profession features unique action slots and bonuses, playing a critical role in your strategy. Professions also dictate the Galaxiator's evolution, with shared action slots potentially yielding different added actions through training. Combining the same professions within a group can trigger a "Synergy" bonus.

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