Gameplay loop

At the heart of Galaxiators lies its gameplay loop, a series of steps that players follow as they collect, select, and battle with their champions. The gameplay loop is designed to accommodate a diverse range of players, from casual gamers to dedicated enthusiasts seeking to optimize their strategies and dominate the arena.

The loop consists of the following steps:

  1. Form your Ludus: Obtain fierce Galaxiators NFTs by minting or purchasing them on the secondary market.

  2. Choose your game mode: Engage in solo matches or team up your Galaxiators in 3v3 or 5v5 matches.

  3. Select your Galaxiator or team of Galaxiators from your existing Ludus. Crafting a team requires consideration of professions, equipment, and traits to unlock potent combos or synergies that provide a competitive edge in battle.

  4. Refine your tactics further by selecting your Galaxiator's stance or determining your team's formation.

  5. Engage in a match against one opponent out of three chosen for you by our advanced matchmaking algorithm.

  6. Witness the action as it unfolds in the live stream or await the fight results.

  7. Complete in-game achievements and earn rewards in CyberSand credit (USDC on the blockchain).

  8. Repeat: Regroup your veteran champions and face new and more formidable adversaries in the arena.

Depending on a player's level of commitment and investment in the game, the gameplay loop can range from a quick and straightforward experience to an intricate and well-planned one. Players can use the rewards they earn to enhance their experience by:

  1. Improving their Galaxiators' skills and abilities through training with the Doctore.

  2. Saving time by healing injured warriors or reviving fallen fighters at the Domina Clinic.

  3. Expanding their roster by acquiring additional Galaxiators, unlocking new combos, or altering their strategies.

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