Once a luxurious vacation spot, Litagiar is now a radioactive wasteland due to a devastating civil war. The survivors adapted to their harsh surroundings, fusing contaminated shrapnel into their bodies to prevent disintegration. This practice transformed their skin into a repulsive, radioactive sludge. The resulting slug-like beings are adorned with jagged metal, creating an indestructible surface while maintaining their grotesque appearance. Despite no longer needing to incorporate debris into their bodies, collecting wreckage for aesthetic purposes remains a tradition.

Merely being in the presence of these decaying, desolate, and defiant beings induces unbearable agony and relentless suffering. They are the epitome of monstrosity, making them the perfect addition to your collection of ruthless, merciless Galaxiators!


Volume captured: 226

Race bonus: Resistance

Race titles: Toxic(Partial), Radioactive(full)

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