Game economy


The primary objective of the Galaxiators' in-game economy is to establish a rewarding system that enriches, enhances, and stimulates the gaming experience by introducing a new dimension of real-life benefits, all while maintaining a dynamic and captivating game environment.
To accomplish this, we have designed a video game economy model tailored to Galaxiators, which facilitates a user-friendly virtual economy that players can effortlessly comprehend and engage with. Instead of incorporating a native on-chain token, we have opted for a virtual currency system that employs the USDC stablecoin.
In terms of the gamification protocol, players do not interact directly with the USDC within the game. Rather, they engage with a simulated in-game credit called CyberSand, which is pegged to the USDC stablecoin and represents actual USDC values that transact on the chain when players acquire or spend CyberSand.
By actively participating in gameplay loops and earning achievements, players can accumulate CyberSand. This virtual currency can then be utilized to access in-game services, train Galaxiators, and participate in more arena battles.

The economy in action


To maintain the game's economy, various in-game sinks are seamlessly integrated into the gamification protocol:

Entry fee

The primary sink serves as the gateway to the game loop. A predetermined fee allows players to enter their Galaxiator or team into a single match, providing an opportunity to advance in the game and potentially earn CyberSand rewards by achieving victory or accomplishing in-fight objectives. This sink is directly connected to the match's "prize pool".

In-Game services

Additional sinks are available as in-game services, including the Doctore Training Service and the Domina Clinic. These services enable players to exchange their CyberSand credits for enhancements and maintenance of their Galaxiators, effectively increasing the profitability of their tokens. These sinks are linked to the Arena Vault.


Match reward

This faucet distributes the total prize pool, consisting of both players' entry fees, to the winner at the end of the match, rewarding them with twice their initial contribution. The defeated player receives no reward via this faucet at this time.

Achievement reward

The unique aspect of the Galaxiators' reward system is the Achievement-based Reward System, fueled by the in-game services sinks (Doctore and Domina). This system operates in 24-hour cycles. Throughout the match, specific events are classified as achievements, and when players' participating Galaxiators complete these tasks, the corresponding achievements are recorded. Each achievement has its own point value. At the end of the cycle, the total number of points accrued from all achievements, across all matches, is divided by the Credits collected via the sink to determine the point-to-CyberSand exchange ratio. At the end of the cycle, eligible players can then redeem their achievements' rewards.
Achievements are independent of the match's final outcome, meaning that even if a player loses, they can still benefit. This balanced approach encourages players to strategically manage their resources and engage in tactical decision-making.


The reward system described above distributes 95% of the total credits channeled through the various sinks. The remaining 5% is allocated to support the development fund and to provide leaderboard prizes, ensuring continued growth and incentivizing player performance.

Stablecoin Integration

As mentioned, in our quest to create a sustainable and player-focused gaming experience, we have opted to use a stablecoin instead of issuing our own token. This decision stems from several key factors that contribute to the overall stability and success of the game:
  1. 1.
    Avoiding Market Pitfalls: Numerous projects and games have faltered due to issuing their own tokens, particularly in the current market climate. By choosing to use a stablecoin, we tether our success to our efforts and achievements rather than relying on external factors.
  2. 2.
    Focused Development: Utilizing a stablecoin allows us to concentrate on the game's development and improvement, rather than being constantly preoccupied with maintaining the value of our token.
  3. 3.
    Transparent Player Experience: With a stablecoin, players can accurately assess their in-game earnings and expenditures, enabling them to make more informed decisions and plan their strategies effectively.
  4. 4.
    Value Stability: Stablecoins are designed to maintain a relatively consistent value over time, providing a reliable medium of exchange for players.
  5. 5.
    Liquidity and Accessibility: As a widely-accepted form of digital currency, stablecoins are easy to exchange and offer greater liquidity for players.
  6. 6.
    Fraud Prevention: The use of a stablecoin eliminates the risk of fraud associated with proprietary tokens, providing an additional layer of security for players and the game ecosystem.
  7. 7.
    Additional Revenue Options: While stablecoins have an inherent value ceiling, the game's ecosystem includes the Galaxiators token and plans to introduce more NFTs in the future, such as housing NFTs. These assets will allow the success of the project and the hard work of individual players to be translated into value, offering alternative revenue streams for dedicated players.
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