Platform and technology

Immutable X blockchain

Immutable X is a Layer 2 blockchain solution specifically designed for web3 games, built atop the Ethereum network. It delivers exceptional scalability, allowing thousands of transactions per second, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for Galaxiators. By leveraging Ethereum's security with Zero-Knowledge-Rollups, Immutable X offers a secure environment for players' assets and transactions. Furthermore, it provides gas-free transactions and reduces environmental impact by eliminating energy-intensive Proof-of-Work mining. This makes Immutable X the chosen platform to host the Galaxiators collection and ecosystem, along with its USDC-based on-chain transactions.

PixiJS Game engine

PixiJS is an open-source, high-performance 2D WebGL renderer designed for creating stunning visuals and graphics in web-based games. Its focus on performance, flexibility, and ease of use makes it the perfect choice for showcasing the vibrant and action-packed arena battles of Galaxiators. Its fast rendering capabilities ensure smooth gameplay, bringing the thrilling combat to life without any lag or performance issues. The engine's support for modern web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL makes it a versatile choice for delivering an impressive and immersive experience across various platforms.

Utilizing PixiJS's powerful features and its extensive library of plugins, we can create a captivating, responsive, and visually engaging experience that truly embodies the high-octane action of Galaxiator battles. Its user-friendly API and active community support make it easy for our development team to build and optimize the game, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience.

Streaming platform

Galaxiators battles are designed as a spectator sport, and to accommodate this, we will incorporate a streaming platform that enables spectators to watch live fights and engage with others in real-time. We are currently exploring a variety of options for the Galaxiators streaming platform, which include mainstream services as well as experimental decentralized startups. Stay tuned for updates as we make our final decision!

Minting Galaxiators

The first four races have been minted in the past four drops; however, the next and final four races of the Galaxiators Genesis will be minted together in a single event at the end of October 2023. All minting will take place through the official Galaxiators web game (

Stay tuned for more information.

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