Project pillars

Starting point

The issue of web3 games prioritizing token economics over gameplay is widespread and is hindering the potential of this exciting new gaming platform. Many games fail to provide an immersive experience for players, using the play-to-earn or play-and-earn model as an excuse to focus on token economics rather than delivering an engaging experience. This not only results in a lack of player retention but also limits the potential of web3 games to match or surpass the quality of conventional video games, let alone offer truly innovative and unique experiences.

Focusing on the gameplay

Our strategy for creating a successful and engaging game focuses on designing compelling gameplay together with implementing a gamification protocol for all included elements. By prioritizing essential features and minimizing distractions, such as the inclusion of a dedicated token, we aim to enhance the player experience and incentivize them to invest both their time and any in-game earnings back into the platform for continued growth.

At the heart of Galaxiators stand three pillars that ensure the game delivers a gameplay experience that is both engaging and rewarding for our players:

These pillars form the foundation of our game and are integral to our strategy for attracting and retaining players. By constantly iterating and improving upon these elements, we aim to create a game that is both enjoyable and rewarding, driving the growth and success of the game. Our ultimate goal is to build a dedicated player base that is invested in the game and supports its continued development.

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