2023 Roadmap

Instead of adhering to the conventional roadmap format typically found in many projects, we have chosen to adopt a more meaningful approach for Galaxiators, one that allows greater flexibility and better aligns with the dynamic nature of a game project.

Goal 1: Closed Alpha Timeline: First half of 2023 Our initial goal is to launch a working Alpha that allows solo and 3v3 fights, enabling us to collect data and feedback from the community and matches, as well as testing our mechanics.

Goal 2: Closed Beta Timeline: July-August 2023 The Closed Beta will be a more refined version of the game, featuring 5v5 battles and more complex team compositions and skills.

Goal 3: Gamescom Asia Timeline: October 2023 We have secured a stall at Gamescom Asia, providing us with the opportunity to showcase our game and engage with the video game industry.

Goal 4: Soft Launch and Minting Event Timeline: October 2023 Following an intensive marketing campaign and our showcase at Gamescom Asia, we aim to mint the last four Genesis races in a single minting event at the end of October.

Goal 5: Comicon SG Timeline: December 2023 Participating in another significant event, our objective at Comicon SG is to reach a larger audience of gamers while also unveiling the Galaxiators physical collectibles line.

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