Exalted above all other beings, the Satyne once were serene souls who chose to leave their mortal coils behind, becoming protectors of the foundation of the universe. Now, they’ve witnessed the gruesome horrors executed throughout the cosmos and decided mercy is a meaningless tool for the weak and frail.

The essence of the universe exists of many artificial spheres, portals and pathways to travel between all unique planets and the species who live there. No living, breathing creature can endure within the heart of everything that is, was and shall be, for their flesh will be ripped to shreds in the ever changing atmosphere of catastrophic creation.

The Satyne are the only creatures who reside within the essence. Without a physical form, their body is a holograph of the suns, moons, stars and solar storms blazing uninterrupted amidst the origin. Through the spheres, the Satyne are exposed to the totality of atrocious deeds occurring within every planet. The origin no longer needs it’s own defenses against intruders, their Satyne gladly cause the extinction of those otherworldly monstrosities.

These trans sentient holographic creatures adapted to the atrocious outside world and perfected the art of self inflicted annihilation. Entering the consciousness of their victims, they create a paralyzing, dire need for self-destruction, which makes them an impeccable, extraordinary part of any Ludus!

Volume captured: 336

Race bonus: Focus

Race titles: Stargazer(Partial), Ethereal(full)

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