Galaxiators is a web3 auto-battler game operating on the Immutable X blockchain, where players pit their champion or team of Galaxiators NFTs (also known as a 'Ludus') against other teams in the arena. After the preparation phase (the management), the automatic battle phase begins, and the results are determined without any input from the player – hence, the term auto-battler. In Galaxiators, victory is achieved through superior tactics and resource management rather than quick reflexes.

The result of all player management actions culminates in the fully automated battle phase. The Galaxiators game engine brings the action to life with visually stunning, stylized 2D hand-drawn animations. These immersive and dynamic battles are live-streamed to spectators for maximum excitement and engagement.

Galaxiators follows a play-to-earn monetization model, allowing players to earn in-game rewards denominated in the USDC stablecoin based on their performance and achievements. Transactions within the game are facilitated using a mockup in-game credit called "Cyber-sand," which gamifies the use of USDC. A free-to-play option is also in the planning for players without NFTs.

The arena engine employs a random number generator (RNG) to determine the outcome of matches. Players can mitigate the impact of RNG by understanding the game's random elements and using that knowledge to their advantage. The use of RNG enables a quick and easy-to-learn game with a high skill ceiling while providing a sense of achievement for players who consistently outperform the odds.

Set against a backdrop of epic space operas, '90s animation shows, and action-packed cliche movies infused with a heavy metal twist, this saga of Galaxiators and their masters weaves a story of power, destiny, and the unrelenting pursuit of glory.

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