Scaling up Galaxiators

Our primary goal is to create a captivating game and a thriving ecosystem, laying the groundwork for Galaxiators' long-term success. To achieve this, we will leverage the development fund and actively engage with our community to gather valuable input and insights.

A Multifaceted Approach to Scaling

Recognizing the importance of scalability for the longevity and mutual success of everyone involved, we have devised a comprehensive plan to scale up Galaxiators:

Free-to-Play Model

We will implement a free-to-play model where players can create an account, mint a small team of human Gladiators, and send them into battle and level them up. This model allows players to enjoy all game features, except for the earning aspect, as they don't possess ownership or the ability to trade their Gladiators and liquefy their credits. However, dedicated players who demonstrate skill and mastery can gain with time an entry into the play-to-earn ecosystem by minting their Gladiators and obtaining ownership. Integrating the free-to-play loop with the play-to-earn model enables us to grow our pool of players and scale up effectively.

Breeding Galaxiators

Scaling up also involves increasing the number of tokens in the ecosystem to meet growing demand while avoiding inflation. This will be achieved through breeding seasons, which will also introduce hybrid traits and mutations to enrich the game's lore and enhance the player experience.

Incorporating Third-Party Partners

We will explore opportunities to collaborate with third-party partners in areas such as streaming platforms, marketplace, and gambling, thereby expanding the Galaxiators ecosystem.

Introducing Sub-Currency

In our pursuit of innovation, we aim to introduce a new concept of a sub-currency and tokens, focused on the very core of what makes a player unique: their strategies and tactics. Imagine a coach, clutching their prized playbook close to their chest, or a passionate gamer eagerly sharing their exceptional team build in a video to astonish fellow players. This fervor and attachment are what we aim to capture and transform into metadata for a new token to drive our sub-currency.

By treating elements such as a coach's playbook or a gamer's unique team build as tradable assets, we can create a groundbreaking secondary currency that encapsulates the essence of progression and builds. This pioneering approach will allow players to not only showcase their expertise but also trade, invest in, and benefit from the strategies and tactics that make the gaming experience truly extraordinary.

Expanding gameplay features

In our pursuit to scale up Galaxiators, we aim to introduce new game features that enrich the overall gameplay experience and expand the gameplay loop:

  1. PvE Content: Boss and Bestiary Fights - Explore challenging PvE scenarios where players can pit their Galaxiators against powerful bosses and exotic creatures.

  2. High-Stakes Battles: Enter high-risk, high-reward fights for a chance to reap significant rewards while facing the possibility of substantial losses.

  3. Lending System: Facilitate player-to-player lending of Galaxiators, granting access to a broader pool of team compositions and combos, while sharing revenues between borrowers and lenders.

  4. Sponsorships: Enable players and spectators to invest in promising Galaxiators, allowing them to share in the success of their chosen champions.

Through this multifaceted approach, we aim to scale up Galaxiators and ensure the game's longevity and success for our community.

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