The Galaxiators

This section delves into Galaxiators as combatant units within the game. For more information on the tokenized aspects of Galaxiators, please visit the Tokens page.


In the far reaches of space, on mysterious, uncharted planets, dwell the Galaxiators—formidable alien species with a natural affinity for combat. These powerful beings are relentlessly pursued by the Venatores, hunters who rip them from the warmth of their homes, families, and all they have ever known.

Once captured, the Galaxiators are sold to Lanistas who command their teams in the most clandestine and treacherous arenas scattered throughout the outer edges of the universe.

The game in which these fearless Galaxiators partake is not solely one of skill, but also of strategy and fortune. Masters of their fate must carefully navigate the challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead in their quest for ultimate triumph.

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