Abysstea, a small moon, is tidally locked to its much larger neighboring planet, rendering it almost entirely devoid of light. This perpetually dark, oceanic moon is an extraordinarily inhospitable environment for life to thrive. Yet, in one of the universe's most remarkable displays of symbiosis, two species depend on one another for survival and prosperity in this lightless aquatic realm. The first species is a squid-like creature with an advanced brain, bioluminescent skin, and powerful tentacles, but possessing a soft and fragile body. The second is a coral-like organism, characterized by a sturdy, partially hollow exoskeleton, but lacking mobility and substantial intellect.

United, they form a formidable alliance, reigning as the undisputed masters of their world. This cunning and powerful duo from the depths is sure to obliterate any challenger who dares to confront them!


Volume captured: 672

Race bonus: Defense

Race titles: Nautic(Partial), Abyss(full)

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