In the cold expanse of the universe, the sentient, living planet of Starvour drifts ominously, its appetite for celestial bodies insatiable. Aboard this cosmic leviathan, the vampiric gnolls known as the Celestivores serve as the heralds of its ravenous hunger. Poised on the precipice of interstellar conquest, they wait in the shadows for their next victims. As Starvour ensnares an unsuspecting world, the Celestivores spring forth like intergalactic parasites, leaping from planet to planet in a bloodlust frenzy. Their voracious appetites are matched only by the planet that spawned them, and together, they lay waste to entire solar systems in a symphony of cosmic destruction.

Use the Celestivores' cosmic appetite to create an unstoppable force in the Galaxiators arena, but beware as their unpredictable nature makes them prone to biting the hands that feed them!

Volume captured: 336

Race bonus: Savagery

Race titles: Stardrift(Partial), Voidleap(full)

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